Monday April 21 , 2014

Traveling with your debit card

5 Simple ways to lower your fraud risk.

1.  Contact your financial institution.

If you are traveling to a different country or another region of the United States, please share this information with your financial institution or credit card provider.  Share as much detail as possible…dates of travel, cities, and how you can be reached.   Neighborhood National Bank currently implements a fraud monitoring system and we may need to contact you if we are notified of any suspicious activity that is occurring on your account.

2.  Clean out your wallet.

It is a good to take more than 1 method of payment along to cover your needs and expenses. Carrying a lot of credit and debit cards on vacation only increases the likelihood that one of them will become lost or stolen.  Be sure to only carry what you need.  You should also know who to notify in case your card is lost or stolen.

3.  Be careful of the ATM you select.

Many fraudsters will place a skimming device on an ATM for a specific time to capture the card and PIN numbers.  This skimming device fits over the existing slot to insert your card.  These are generally found on unmonitored ATM’s, (example: hotel lobbies, restaurants, and etc.)  If something seems suspicious, select another ATM.  You should also make sure that there is no one looking over your shoulder when entering your PIN number.

4.  Keep an eye on your cards.
Food servers and store clerks can steal information easily with a skimming device or writing down your card information.  If something seems fishy, consider paying with cash.  

5.  Monitor your account frequently.
Checking your account online is a great way to combat fraud.  Review your transactions frequently and notify your Financial Institution immediately of any transactions that you did not make.  If you are not currently using Online Banking with Neighborhood National Bank, you can sign up on the home page of our website under First Time Users.

Have a safe, wonderful vacation!